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Love is Not Finding Someone to Live With, It's Finding Someone You Can't Live Without

Let's face it, everyday life can be complicated and hectic, but finding love doesn't have to be! Let our website be your guide to finding someone who fills your heart with joy, laughter and peace. Our online dating community is full of amazing people, just like you. Are you ready to fall in love & be happy? Simplify, stay focused, don't settle and never give up. Stay upbeat, positive, and keep trying! Open your heart and mind to the infinite possibilities of love.

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Deliciously Fun Date Ideas

Street Fairs, Carnivals, Festivals

Outdoor street fairs and festivals are amazing. Food and dessert everywhere, people watching, shopping and all around a great way to spend the day getting to know someone. And, did we mention food? Cotton candy, funnel cakes, deep fried oreos - Oh My!

Roll Out the Dough

and we don't mean money... Get baking! Find some amazingly good recipes and spend a day baking. You guys will get messy, flirty, learn how to work together, and best part, get to eat all it all!

Shop & Cook Together

This is an awesome way to check out compatibility and patience. Make a list, shop together, and get ready for a fun time prepping, cooking, eating and cleaning up! See how well you work as a team.

Subs & Sand

Hit your favorite local sub shop. Order up some yummy subs and beverages. Drive to your local beach, with some chairs or a blanket, your favorite tunes, and enjoy your meal oceanside! Pure romance, good food and good company - pure win win scenario!

Tipsy Fun

Get to mixing! Why not take a bartending class together? Maybe hit your local brewery, take a tour and explore different mixes. But remember to drink responsibly and take an Uber!

Sweets Date

Instead of bar hopping, try sweet hopping. Go from place to place eating different sweets. Ice cream parlor, bakery, candy shop - fill up, sugar up and have a blast!

Take the Risk Love is Worth it!

Now is your time for love! Stay true to yourself, be kind, and let love in! You know what you want and what your heart is capable of - so put yourself out there! Find yourself searching and longing for a better connection? Ready to try something fun & new? Come have some fun today!

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Illuminate the World with an Open Mind & a Kind Heart

Love has taken on an entirely new meaning for us. We have dated, been in love, and tried to maintain happy relationships before, but it just never seemed to work out. We feel love is such an amazing force to be reckoned with - so great, that one should never give up, no matter how long it takes. To NOT love would be such an injustice. We both agreed, with each attempt we made, we always did it humbly and with an open heart. No matter if it didn't always work out, we would learn from the lessons, sometimes hard ones, and try again. Sometimes you must go through a lot to understand what you really need and want from life. It took a while for us to get here, but we're glad we arrived together. We have a clear understanding of teamwork, communication and what WE want from the future, together. We do believe, now, that all those roads we walked down led us to each other. We hope you give love a chance as we have. Good Luck to All!